Seb Lee-Delisle


Meet the new Papervision3D team member – me!

Wow what an honour to be asked to join the development team for probably the most exciting open-source project in the history of Flash!

I’m not exactly sure what I’ll be doing yet, I’ve been speaking to Carlos, Ralph and John about various ideas that I have.

Ideas such as 3D particle systems, dynamically rendered seamless 3D textures from noise algorithms, mode7 planes, endless starfield particle systems, fog, depth of field blur, and optimisations specifically relating to game development.

But it’s all early days yet, so I’ll be making sure I’m in sync with the others before I start hacking around! Erm I mean serious programming work!

So I’d like to publicly thank the team for asking me to join!

The only question is how I’ll find the extra few days in the week for all of this crazy work… 😉

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