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My stuff any use to you? Pay it forward for cancer research.

! Note : this post is over 3 years old! The information it contains is most probably out of date.

Have you ever found any use for any of my stuff? That nifty particle effect on your game? That 3D Papervision website? Or perhaps you’ve just found my wry sense of humour somewhat amusing?

Now’s your chance to thank me! But I don’t want anything from you. No, I’m asking you to pay it forward! But unlike the little kid in the film, I’m actually doing something physical – next Sunday, just before my presentation at the <head> conference, I’m running 10K for Cancer Research UK.

My target is £500, but this blog get has thousands of subscribers, so if you all donate a small amount, then maybe I’ll get to £1000? Or even £2000? Hell maybe even £10,000???

Please sponsor my run here. You’ll get a warm fuzzy feeling. Or your money back.*

* You probably won’t actually get your money back 😉

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