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Flash player settings panel nightmare

I hate the Flash player settings panel. It drives me mental. I don’t understand the logic behind why you need to access a swf running on an external server to adjust the settings of a plugin that’s running on your computer?

And many are the times that I’ve been stuck without internet access trying desperately to allow a local swf to load files on my computer.

But today, I found that I couldn’t access the settings panel at all! It was just a blank square!

Missing Flash Player settings panel

A closer look in the Activity window in Safari revealed that the security setting had expired for the server hosting the swf. Which believe it or not, is still!

I found a workaround though. I just directly linked to the swf at and then clicked continue when safari asked if I really wanted to access the swf. Although I don’t see anything at this point, if I then go back to the page with the settings panel on, it now loads.

And while I’m on it, here’s a quick tip. If you don’t want to manually add every single folder on your computer that has swfs you want to run locally, just add “/” as a safe location and you’ll never be troubled again (on OSX).

But in the meantime, I would love it if the settings for the FlashPlayer were not only accessible online. Anyone else agree?

UPDATE Thanks to Seb in the comments (not me!) for providing the solution for PC users :

On windows ive had to put in drive letters and UNC share names, e.g.

And I’ve also found an feature request for this on Jira so please vote for it!

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