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Problems with .swc files

I resisted the urge to title this post What the swc? πŸ™‚

For some unknown reason Flash just stopped exporting swc files properly. FDT could no longer see what was inside them. FDT guru Alan Klement kindly offered to help me troubleshoot the problem and he discovered that the catalog.xml file inside had empty script tags.

I’ve heard anecdotal evidence from my friends Owen and Richard that exporting your .swc to the same folder as your .fla file can cause problems.

So I subsequently tried publishing the swc (and swf) to a different folder, and no swc would even appear! I also tried making a new fla and copying everything into it and this didn’t work either. Then I made a new fla and created a symbol, exported it for actionscript, set it to create a swc, and that broke too!

It’s such a weird thing. It basically killed most of my productivity yesterday. And the terrifying thing is that I don’t even really know how I fixed it.

I just came in this morning, and did everything with a new fla directory and a new swc directory, copied the assets into the library and it worked.

Anyone else had this?

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