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Ragefactor: “F*ck you (and here’s some more money)”?

If you want to protest again Sony BMG’s hype machine that is the X-Factor, then whatever you do, do not buy Rage Against the Machine’s Killing in the Name Of this week!

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(If you have no idea what I’m talking about, read all about the Rage Factor campaign here)

Here’s why : Rage Against the Machine are signed to Epic, a subsidiary of Sony BMG. And the X-Factor winner will be signed to Simon Cowell’s label SyCo, also a subsidiary of Sony BMG (and by themselves generate a huge proportion of Sony BMG’s income). So while you’re sticking it to the man, you’re also giving the man loads more money!

So here’s what’ll happen. All you X-Factor haters will buy RATM, but let’s face it you weren’t gonna buy the X-Factor single anyway, right? And if X-Factor fans hear about this campaign they will want to support their artist and buy more X-Factor singles. End result : more X-Factor singles sold and more RATM singles sold. So who are you trying to hurt here?

Some people have accused Sony BMG of setting this up themselves, but I don’t think that’s true. But if they had it would be bloody clever of them!

Sure, it’ll be fun to have a Christmas number 1 with the word fuck in it. But no radio station will be playing it on Christmas morning that’s for sure. And do you really want to give a major label loads more money in order to achieve this minor delight?

Instead, why not just give some money to charity (and you could do worse than by using this justgiving page) or instead maybe really stick it to the major labels by supporting independent artists such as Pomplamoose who prove that you no longer need a record label to be a successful artist. And that’s how to really worry the majors.

Just saying. 🙂

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