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Flash will eat itself?

While Flash (the tool) can only target Flash (the platform), isn’t that limiting its efficacy? Don’t we need vector animations in other platforms and apps? There’s more

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Overwhelmed by positivity from FOTB

Flash on the Beach was amazing this year. I really feel like John is getting the formula right – there were many more creative sessions this year, and the Dome bar was kept open after the inspire sessions. This was … There’s more

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What the Flux!? The future of Flash at FOTB

I’ve been working hard on my upcoming talk at Flash on the Beach over the last few weeks, it’s actually one of the most difficult talks I’ve ever given. Trying to unravel all the trials and tribulations in our industry … There’s more

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How to debug AIR for Android

At first, it seemed like no matter what I did I’d just get the Enter IP Address or Hostname requester in my AIR app. So, to get rid of this dreaded requester once and for all follow my handy debugging … There’s more

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Top Cat music game on FlashPlayer on Nexus1

I hate to say it but not many Plug-in Media projects are optimised for low end machines. We usually squeeze every bit of performance out of Flash to fill every part of the screen with crazy 3D, pixels and video! … There’s more

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AIR for Android first steps

Having finished my first iPhone app in Objective C I thought it was probably time to have a go at setting up my Nexus1 with AIR for Android. Yes. I’m a digital slut. And no. I’m not gonna pick a … There’s more

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Apple buys 3D Flash app

I just found this article about Apple acquiring 3D mapping company Poly9, whose site has been taken down since the acquisition. As far as I can tell, the French-Candian Poly9 is most well known for their in-browser 3D globe, that … There’s more

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Papervision3D training on

Remember when I disappeared mysteriously to LA for a week in February? I can now reveal that I was in Ventura, CA recording a 4 hour long tutorial series for that has just gone live! It was such a … There’s more

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2 days of Papervision3D and Flash games training for £249!

I’m very pleased to announce that I’m running 2 days of training in Birmingham (UK) at the end of July, along with my friends at FlashMidlands. And if you book the Super Early Bird tickets (before June 15th), you’ll get … There’s more

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FlarToolkit made easy : SimplAR

As cool as bell-bottom pants according to Keith Peters! Which is pretty damn cool. And it can be really fiddly setting up the FLARToolkit, so I’ve finally released some of my AR code. Just in time for it to go … There’s more

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