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Training workshops with Seb Lee-Delisle

  • “You’d expect something a little special from a JavaScript workshop run by a BAFTA-winning game developer. What you might not expect is how accessible and fun Seb makes it all. A truly unique class.”

    Aral Balkan

  • “ I had the pleasure of attending [Seb’s workshop] and even as someone who classes themselves as an expert JavaScripter (I hope!), I still learnt tons.”

    Remy Sharp

  • “ Seb’s workshop was a delight… it is a must-attend: you’ll need these skills as a developer, but also you learn that it’s not nearly as hard as it looks.”

    Paul Irish

  • “I’d always had bit of a mental block about JavaScript, but that’s well and truly gone after Seb’s course. And it was great fun too.”

    Bruce Lawson, Author “Introducing HTML5

  • “Seb’s course is not only a great JS workshop for beginners, intermediates and experts, but it’s also a brilliant general workshop on interaction itself. I can’t recommend it enough.”

    Joel Gethin Lewis

  • “Seb is an expert at explaining something complex in an entertaining and easy to understand way. The workshop was heaps of fun and I learnt how to make lots of cool stuff!”

    Anna Debenham

  • “Seb helped me to realise that you could create beautiful things in JavaScript, which led us on the path to making WebGL Racer and Lights.”

    Carlos Ulloa

  • “Seb’s CreativeJS workshops are a great reminder and refresher that programming can be playful… After the course, I found myself approaching issues more creatively and found more beautiful solutions.”

    Christian Heilmann, Mozilla

ST4I - Stuff That Talks To The Interwebs

It used to be called IoT (Internet of Things) but now it’s ST4I – Stuff That Talks To The Interwebs!


This brand new 2 day workshop shows you how to bridge the gap between online and real life. With accessible electronics platforms like Arduino, Electric Imp, Spark Core, and Raspberry Pi, it’s a great time to learn to build internet connected prototypes.

The incredible ST4I Kit, with over £150 worth of components*

You’ll be making Arduino based wifi-enabled devices that talk in real time to the internet, and you’ll be given a workshop kit worth over £150, bursting with sparkly LED strips, displays, motors, buttons, knobs and displays – it’s like Christmas has come early!


We’ll have a variety of example prototypes for you to build, using the various sensors and output components, that includes a websocket server for instant data-flow between your device and the internet. From simple simple things like sensor logging and using the NTP protocol to accurately set the time, all the way to instant communication between devices, tie-ins with Twitter and Facebook, and an ISS tracker that will beep when the space station flies overhead.

*contents subject to minor changes (but of similar value)

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Upcoming workshops:

3-4 Feb 2015 Brighton, UK 2 days Booking info
Ticket sales start: 18 Dec 11am BST
Venue : Middle Street (home of Clearleft), 68 Middle Street, East Sussex, Brighton, BN1 1AL
Registration : 9:30am
Training times : 10am to 5pm both days (2 day course)
Freelancers! limited discounted places available*
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CreativeJS for Designers

Designers and artists make the best creative coders! But coding can seem scary, and experienced programmers often make it look harder than it is which can make it tough to get started.

This course is aimed at creative people with no programming experience who are interested in experimenting with JavaScript and HTML5 canvas to create visual effects, interactions, and data visualizations. It’s a hands-on, visual way to learn JavaScript. So much more interesting than form validation!

I keep the numbers down to around 12 or fewer to make sure that it’s a highly participatory and interactive workshop.

What wil be covered?

This workshop is different – every concept and principle we learn about is visual. We learn about variables by changing the position of rectangles. We learn about loops by making multiple shapes on the screen. Arrays and animation with particle systems, and logic and objects with a simple game engine and displaying data.

Most of the examples will be using canvas, but we’ll also take a quick look on how to manipulate DOM objects with JavaScript controlled CSS. By the end of the workshop, you’ll be amazed at your experiments and be well on your way to become an accomplished creative coder.


Laura Kalbag
Clare Sutcliffe
Waikit Kan


No programming experience is required. None! If you’ve done a bit of HTML or CSS that’ll probably be helpful, but it’s not necessary. It’s going to be a relaxed, friendly environment where you are free to learn and experiment. We keep class sizes small so that everyone can get personal attention and share their work as we go along.

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Upcoming workshops:

Workshops as part of other events:

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CreativeJS - online workshops

By popular demand I’m bringing bite-size CreativeJS workshops online so that you can be a part of my training from anywhere in the world!

The courses will show you how to make beautiful visual effects with JavaScript and HTML5. Learn how to draw, animate, and create engaging interactive content, with advanced mouse interactions, pixel manipulation, image blending, physics and games.

“Seb’s workshop was a delight… it is a must-attend: you’ll need these skills as a developer, but also you learn that it’s not nearly as hard as it looks.” – Paul Irish


These courses work equally well for programmers and designers. Whether you’re a coder who is excited about working with visual interactivity, or a designer who’s worked with basic JavaScript you’ll love learning creative code techniques.

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Workshops as part of other events:

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The Workshops

CreativeJS Training is a series of workshops focused on teaching visual effects and JavaScript in a creative way to both hardcore coders and designers with no programming experience. Running since early 2010 world-wide, these workshops sell out fast and have proved to be hugely popular.

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Your Instructor

The CreativeJS Training workshops were developed by Seb Lee-Delisle, creative coder extraordinaire. Seb makes cool stuff with a wide range of platforms and technology. More about Seb.

Seb Lee-DelislePhoto by John Davey

Past Courses

2014 courses

  • Brighton, UK 4-5 Dec 2014
  • Online, 3 Dec 2014
  • Online, 2 Dec 2014
  • Brighton, UK 24-25 Nov 2014 SOLD OUT
  • Brighton, UK 13-14 Mar 2014 SOLD OUT

2013 courses

  • Manchester, UK 27-28 Jun 2013
  • Manchester, UK 25-26 Jun 2013

2012 courses

  • Tokyo, Japan 15-16 Jul 2012 SOLD OUT
  • Minneapolis, US 5 Jun 2012 SOLD OUT
  • Köln, DE 27 Apr 2012 SOLD OUT
  • Manchester, 17-18 January SOLD OUT

USA Tour 2011

  • New York, NY 11-12 Oct SOLD OUT
  • New York, NY 13-14 Oct SOLD OUT
  • Washington, DC 17-18 Oct SOLD OUT
  • Pittsburgh, PA 20 Oct SOLD OUT
  • Philadelphia, PA 24-25 Oct SOLD OUT

2011 Courses

  • Leeds, 28-29 November SOLD OUT
  • Malmö, Sweden 7-8 Nov (Part of Øredev)
  • Düsseldorf, Germany 20 Nov Intro to Creative JS (Part of Beyond Tellerand)
  • Brighton 29-30 September SOLD OUT
  • San Francisco 28-29 April SOLD OUT
  • New York City 26-27 May SOLD OUT
  • New York City 16-17 June SOLD OUT
  • Kansas City 13-14 July (as part of D2W conference) SOLD OUT
  • Brighton, UK 17-18 August SOLD OUT
  • Brighton, UK 11 Sept (as part of Flash on the Beach) SOLD OUT

Private Courses

Private courses can be arranged for your conference or organisation. If you'd like to book this training please mail [email protected]