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Extreme Pamplona hits MiniClip

ExtremePamplona title page

Remember that huuuuge game we were working on earlier in the year? The one that caused me to stop blogging for about 3 months and cancel Christmas? Well it’s finally up on MiniClip.

In fact it had over 103,000 plays in the first 20 minutes! And now after one day it’s had well over a million. Which is truly amazing and indicative of how massive MiniClip is these days.

Extreme Pamplona - London

It’s a massive 9 level platform game, each level is a different part of the world with a different enemy chasing you. In Paris you’re in a crumbling cathedral with Quasimodo, in Sweden you’re in a sauna with a fat guy with a towel, and in Amsterdam you’re running from a leather-clad dominatrix! There’s even a snowboarding level – see if you can find it.

But anyway check it out if you fancy a little lunchtime distraction.

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