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Adobe MAX scrimps on speaker expenses… again

Just when we thought this particular battle was over, it seems that Adobe have slipped back into their old habits.

I was approached by Adobe a few weeks ago to speak at MAX Milan, and, like Aral before me, I had to turn them down. Why? Because they have a policy of not paying for speakers’ travel expenses.

I don’t think I could explain my reasons more eloquently than he did on this full blog post so I quote:

“I don’t know about you, but this is not what I expect from a professional conference and this is not an industry norm when you look at other professional conferences … The problem is not that I cannot afford to pay for a flight to the US or for a few nights accomodation … It’s just that I refuse to do so as a matter of principle. Here’s why:

“People attend conferences primarily to listen to the sessions given by the speakers who present there. If it wasn’t for the speakers, there wouldn’t be a conference. This being the case, it gets my goat when a conference like Max charges over $1,000 a ticket for entrance to the event and then is too cheap to pay the expenses of their speakers. This is the least I would expect as a show of respect for the time and effort speakers put into presenting at an event. And I believe that this is the least that any speaker should expect. Conferences that make a profit off of the backs of speakers without meeting this minimum standard should not be rewarded for their exploitative policies.”

It seems that they actually did a U-turn on their policy, and Aral actually ended up speaking at MAX 07. I know they paid his full expenses. So why stop now?

It’s just a shame, I think that my Papervision3D session would be a useful addition to the line-up.

I think Phillip Kerman sums it up perfectly :

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