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Technical Reviewer: Making Things Move part 2

Whenever anyone asks me to recommend a good book to learn ActionScript 3, I always tell them to run on over and buy a fresh copy of Keith Peters’ Making Things Move. In fact I was quite gutted when the … There’s more

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Captcha broken

Hmmm, someone just told me that my captcha system hasn’t been working… I wondered why it was so quiet around here! (Although I did enjoy the lack of spam comments!) I’ve disabled the captcha system while I’m researching alternatives. I … There’s more

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Resisting the cheezy puns

Unless you’ve been sitting under a rock for the last week, you’ll have noticed that the Singularity conference has now been renamed <head>. In an utterly shameless flurry of bad head-related jokes, Aral explains the reasons behind this change. This … There’s more

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Flash CS4 announced

Yes! The cat is indeed out of the bag with big announcements planned on September 23rd. And FlashBrighton will be celebrating in style with its very own launch party on the 24th September. Watch this space for more information.

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