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ElectroServer Flex simple chat

I’ve just converted the code from the Simple Chat Tutorial on the ElectroServer wiki into Flex and I thought it may be useful to someone.

Here’s what it looks like, and it’s connecting to an ES4 install with only 20 connections so forgive me if you can’t connect :

[content no longer available, sorry]

Here’s the source:



This example also requires a ServerSettings.xml file that contains the server details, which if you’re running ElectroServer locally, should be :


Download the MXML source code for the ElectroServer Flex Simple Chat [sorry no longer available]

I very rarely use Flex so please feel free to comment with improvements!

Particularly with how to load a file with a relative path in an HTTPService. It seems ridiculous that I have to specify a full path name, and the hack I’ve employed to extract the local path from the application URL is equally ridiculous. There must be a simpler method?

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