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Learn to code in 2012 – the visual way

If you’re a designer or artist and have never programmed JavaScript before, I’ve got a new course just for you : CreativeJS for non-coders. It assumes no pre-existing code knowledge (although a little HTML/CSS will be helpful) and we start from the very beginning with variables, functions, and objects.

If you’ve been following the podcast or my recent posts, you’ll know that I’m passionate about encouraging creative people to start programming – often once they get past the hump of incomprehension they can often be the best coders. At the very least you’ll be able to communicate with the programmers you work with better!

Every thing we do has a visual counterpart on an HTML5 canvas element. So you can see straight away the effects of your actions. It’s how I learned to code all those years ago…

Tickets go on sale tomorrow, more information and booking on my training pagesign up for the newsletter to hear about courses near you.

[UPDATE] Here are the files if you want to have a play for yourself!

[UPDATE 2] only 2 tickets left!

[UPDATE 3] Sold out! Sign up to hear about the new courses.

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