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Overwhelmed by positivity from FOTB

Flash on the Beach was amazing this year. I really feel like John is getting the formula right – there were many more creative sessions this year, and the Dome bar was kept open after the inspire sessions. This was … There’s more

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Apple buys 3D Flash app

I just found this article about Apple acquiring 3D mapping company Poly9, whose site has been taken down since the acquisition. As far as I can tell, the French-Candian Poly9 is most well known for their in-browser 3D globe, that … There’s more

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FlashBelt 2010 review

What can I say about FlashBelt that hasn’t already been said? It’s such a great conference and Dave did an excellent job yet again. Sadly I missed a lot of sessions as I had last minute changes to my own … There’s more

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A (belated) review of 2009

Yes, I know; I’m late with my review of last year. Everyone else did theirs in December, or at least January. But you know, I’ve done one every year and the OCD element in my personality just won’t let me … There’s more

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Deleting .svn files on OSX

Go to the terminal, navigate to the folder you want to delete files from and type : find . -name “*.svn” -exec rm -rf {} ; This should delete all .svn folders in the current directory and recurse down into … There’s more

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Ragefactor: “F*ck you (and here’s some more money)”?

If you want to protest again Sony BMG’s hype machine that is the X-Factor, then whatever you do, do not buy Rage Against the Machine’s Killing in the Name Of this week! (If you have no idea what I’m talking … There’s more

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How I learned to stop worrying and love Adobe

You may have seen some of the comments on my previous post, the first report from MAX this year. At first I was surprised and upset by Mike Chambers’ and Lee Brimelow’s reactions, but I wanted to take the time … There’s more

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How to redesign your WordPress blog in 10 minutes

Step 1 Download one of the marvelous blank templates from Refuelled Step 2 Upload it to your WordPress themes folder and activate it. Step 3 Edit the CSS in Firefox to fiddle with the colours and size. Copy and paste … There’s more

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New Adobe MAX controversy

It’s about that time of year where a few of us Flash speakers get together and have a good old whinge about Adobe’s speaker expense policy. In fact it’s become somewhat of an annual tradition. But this year Adobe have … There’s more

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Review of 2008 – in pictures

I must admit to having the mid-winter blues a little right now. And for no real reason! So what better time to remind myself of all the good work I did last year? 🙂 2008 started with an incredible development … There’s more

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