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Creative JavaScript/HTML5 training

After Full Frontal there was a lot of interest in learning about creative visual programming so I’ve set up a two day course here in Brighton on January 10th and 11th 2011. We’ll cover all aspects of creative visual JavaScript … There’s more

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JavaScript 2D and 3D particle effects at Full Frontal

[UPDATE] Creative JavaScript and HTML5 training course now available. I just spent the weekend recovering after an absolutely fantastic time at the inappropriately (or appropriately?) named JavaScript conference, Full Frontal. The venue is the 100 year old cinema in Brighton, … There’s more

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What the Flux!? The future of Flash at FOTB

I’ve been working hard on my upcoming talk at Flash on the Beach over the last few weeks, it’s actually one of the most difficult talks I’ve ever given. Trying to unravel all the trials and tribulations in our industry … There’s more

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Creative HTML5 visual effects

I’ve left it rather late but of course I need to play the game! And it’s the last week for voting so if you’d like to see my session at SXSW please vote for me! [voting now closed] I’ve never … There’s more

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3D globe in JavaScript with three.js

In my last post I mentioned that it should be possible to make a 3D globe in JavaScript using three.js. I was even considering putting it together myself but I didn’t need to because the awesome Mr Doob stepped in … There’s more

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